Five Places Obama Might Have Gone On Vacation Instead

As Mr. Obama wrapped up his magical misery tour and taxpayer funded campaign speeches, and prepares for his high toned and fancy tadoo vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, along with (supposedly) turning his focus to jobs (deja vu) while his approval on handling the economy drops to 71%, the Politico offers up 5 places where he might have taken his vacation

  1. Sheboygan, Wis. – Obama could highlight a relative success story with a trip to the Badger State, where unemployment is at 7.6 percent – below the national average of 9.1 percent. (and, he could visit with some of the Democrats who ran and hid like 5 year olds)
  2. Mackinac Island, Mich. – It’s got the feel of a resort town, minus the haughty vibe. (he’d hate it without the haughty vibe)
  3. Orlando, Fla. – Obama could visit a string of tourist destinations along the I-4 corridor – from beaches to the Kennedy Space Center to Tampa, where Republicans will hold their presidential convention – all while hobnobbing with the Sunshine State’s most influential voters. (and he’d ruin the vacations of everyone else with all the protection, road closures, etc. That’s not a knock on Obama, just the reality of a President coming to town)
  4. Denver – After long weeks of partisan fights in Washington, Obama could get some of his swagger back by visiting the city where he got his party’s nomination in 2008. (ah, memories of when he was a Greek god, then proceeded to make America’s economy more like Greece’s)
  5. Chicago – There’s no place like home – especially if you haven’t really been there in more than two years. (he should vacation there until the election, then come back to D.C. to clean his stuff out)

Let me suggest 5 other places

  1. Houston, Texas – he can see how a State ramps it’s economy up and becomes so business friendly that companies and people are moving there like crazy
  2. Bismark, North Dakota – he can see how another State survives in this piss poor economy
  3. Newark, NJ – he can visit some of his peeps who bought into his hope and change BS, a see why his approval rate has dropped below 50% in a big Democrat state
  4. St. Augustine, Florida – again, another state in which his approval ratings are going south. Plus, he can visit Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum. He should feel right at home (cheap shot)
  5. Washington, D.C – he could take a staycation, like so many American’s are doing. Then tour D.C., see the sights, which really are fantastic. Hit the zoo. Natural History Museum. The National Archives, and read our founding documents. And Especially the American History Museum. He can get an eyeful of what America is really all about.

What places would you recommend?

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