Five Things To Watch For During Obama’s 2013 Neverending Campaign SOTU

Tonight’s the night Obama will bring forth yet another State Of The Union speech where the state of the union still stinks. Will he still Blame Bush and everyone else for his failures? Time will tell, and The Politico offers 5 things to watch for

1. Soft, strident or somewhere in between?

Obama irritated Republicans with his unapologetically liberal inaugural address – and the lack of any perceived olive branch quickly became the news.

But as Obama prepares to move his agenda into legislation, he’ll need congressional – and at least some Republican – support.

So he has to find a way to do both: Make a robust case for limiting guns, overhauling immigration and protecting entitlement programs but without alienating the party that controls the House and the ability to filibuster in the Senate.

For Obama, though, his way of making a robust case is to assault, insult, and demonize anyone who stands in his way of pushing his big Progressive/fascistic ideas and policies. Out in the private sector, Obama would be the guy featured on Bad Bosses. He’d be the guy running the company considered one of the worst to work for. He’d be the guy watching the company crash, because he doesn’t understand how to work with people. He’s a harsh dictator who refuses to listen to others, and stifles dissent.

2. Will there be a breakthrough jobs plan?

It would be déjà vu, at this point, for Obama to use a high-profile speech to talk about jobs, the economy and the middle class – he’s been doing that for four years.

Isn’t that what the Stimulus was supposed to be? Or did the U.S., thanks to Obama and Democrats, waste what will turn in to over $1 trillion dollars once the interest is factored in on a worthless plan? Obama will supposedly talk about attracting new workers from overseas and legalizing illegal aliens, who will take the jobs while Americans suffer.

3. How far does he go on guns?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Obama will go far and Blame Republicans, despite most of the plans not having the support of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat). He’ll trot out the “if it can save just one life…” line while assailing legal gun owners, all the while forgetting the problem is about criminals illegally using guns. Hey, I wonder if Obama will call to make murder illegal?

4. What will the Obama vs. Rubio dynamic be?

The better question is “will Obama go after Rubio during the speech in order to blunt Rubio’s response?”

5. What’s the hashtag?

In the 140-character world of 2013, Obama’s State of the Union speech is certain to come with a theme both descriptive and ready to share.

I think there could have quite a few other questions to put as the last one, such as

  1. Will he talk about the use of drones?
  2. Will he talk about what happened in Benghazi?
  3. Will he offer any sort of spending plan?
  4. and what so many warmists are looking for, what will he say about climate change?

As for the hastag, I propose #5timesbullshit.

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