While We Were Focused on Trump, Obama Quietly Did THIS…

While We Were Focused on Trump, Obama Quietly Did THIS…

Whenever there is a national story that is monopolizing the attention of the American people and the media, you can bet that someone in the government is using the distraction to do something sneaky behind the curtain.

Case in point…


From Breitbart:

The Obama administration is secretly preparing to transfer up to 24 prisoners out of the U.S. military detention center Guantánamo Bay in Cuba by the end of the summer, the Guardian and Fox News report, citing unnamed sources.

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As the first news outlet to shed light on the plans, The Guardian notes that the transfer to multiple countries is expected to occur by the end of July.

Currently, there are 80 prisoners detained at the Guantánamo facility, down from the 242 when President Barack Obama took office.

The majority of the remaining detainees are from war-ravaged Yemen, where al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is reportedly flourishing.

An unnamed official told Fox News that the prisoners still being held at the detention center, commonly known as Gitmo, have been deemed the “worst of the worst.”

“The official was not confident the countries ultimately receiving these terrorists would be up to the task of keeping them locked up or even tracking them,” reports the network. “While an Obama administration task force found many detainees should remain in U.S. custody, a new review board in 2011 looked at the cases and reached a different conclusion, though much of the evidence was the same.”

The review process has approved an estimated 28 detainees for transfer, notes The Guardian, adding, “so the men’s departure would nearly empty Guantánamo of such designated detainees, substantially clearing a backlog that has lasted years.”

At the end of March, the Miami Herald reported that 40 captives were expected to get their first hearing in front of the review board by the end of this year.

Newsflash, Obama, the prisoners in Guantanamo aren’t there for shoplifting or jay-walking. Oh, but you know that, don’t you?

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