Full Text/Video of President Obama’s Charlotte, NC Speech Today

Read it here.

The video:

Here’s the complete, extended, verbatim money quote, which I paraphrased in my last post:

If this health care bill never existed, if I didn’t do anything about it, we’d actually be a trillion dollars worse off over the long term. But even with the saving we’re getting from health care, we’re still going to have to do more. And if you don’t believe that, go on our Web site — www.whitehouse.gov — and you can look at how the federal budget works.

“Do more.” Translation: “Spend more.” Lots more.

Not on our watch. Not if we can help it. C’mon, November 2010!

PS: The Rhetorician has a must-read on the recent unemployment numbers that just came out. Hint: 50K of them were temporary Census worker jobs.

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