General Jack Keane Says Pentagon is “Outraged” Over Obama’s Bergdahl Victory Lap

General Jack Keane Says Pentagon is “Outraged” Over Obama’s Bergdahl Victory Lap

The military community doesn’t look too fondly on deserters, especially when the deserter caused the deaths of other soldiers, and not many of them would cheer the decision to release five high-risk terrorists for one deserter. It’s for all these reasons that General Jack Keane is reporting that the Pentagon is furious with Obama for repeatedly boasting about bringing Bergdahl home.


Keane spoke Sunday with Fox News’ Chris Wallace about the political implications of the prisoner transfer, with the general becoming the latest to contradict National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s assertion that the returned Army Sgt. “served with honor and distinction.”

“The fact that a citizen volunteers – becomes a soldier, becomes a paratrooper, goes to combat as a result of that, has an unblemished record, is a very good soldier – and then deserts his post, that trumps all previous behavior,” he explained. “So that is a distinction in itself, and he has to be held accountable for that.”

“And how have the military leaders you’ve talked to this week – I know you’re close touch with a lot of folks, still, at the Pentagon – how do they view the way this week has rolled out?” Wallace asked.

“They’re outraged that the president, at the Rose Garden ceremony, was actually promoting an event in terms of public relations,” Keane declared. “And then taking his family – who by the way, the military had advised to maintain a very low profile, and they had maintained a low profile for years.”

“And then to put them in front of the cameras like that and begin a celebration, I think that created not only anguish among those who were his teammates and those who may’ve lost his lives in rescuing him,” the general explained, “but senior military leaders looked at that and just shook their head and said, ‘Why are we doing something like that?’”

It just goes to show, yet again, that Obama is massively out of touch with the military. But then, who could be surprised by that? It isn’t like Obama could understand principles like honor, integrity, and courage.

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