Good Grief: Win A Chance To Have Obama In Your “Holiday Card”

First we had the gift registry, attempting to raise cash. That went over like a fart during a wedding ceremony. He’s tried to raise money off his birthday parties, Michelle’s, you name it. Then there’s this (via The Lonely Conservative from iOwnTheWorld)

(Photo from iOwnTheWorld)

Looking for a new holiday card picture? Enter now for your chance to have your family photo taken with President Obama at an upcoming event in New York City.

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Then, if you can, please consider making a donation to support the campaign and you’ll be automatically entered again.

Unfortunately, the contest ended July 20th. I know you’re like totally bummed.

iOwnTheWorld has a number of disturbing photoshop examples, such as

And I have this

Anyone want to pony a good photoshop?

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