After Hillary Endorsement, Obama Ensures State Department Cannot Do THIS – Until After Election…

After Hillary Endorsement, Obama Ensures State Department Cannot Do THIS – Until After Election…

Yesterday, Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton… a woman under criminal investigation for violating the Espionage Act and a whole raft of other laws. Jake Tapper of CNN, seems to be one of the very few calling the White House out on the fact that Obama has now refused to release Hillary’s emails until after the election… specifically, emails dealing with the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Any bets on those emails exposing both Clinton and Obama in corruption? I’d say that is a sure bet and the mutual butt-covering continues.

From Young Conservatives:

It sounds like CNN is making an effort to return to its roots as “the most trusted name in news.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper blasted the Obama administration’s refusal to release all of Hillary Clinton’s emails until after the presidential election.

“At a certain point, one begins to wonder if these weaknesses are deliberate and that these efforts to conceal information do not conceal a certain disdain for the public and your right to know,” Tapper said.

He made his remarks in reference to the State Department’s efforts to block a reporter’s investigation into Clinton’s role in the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“Turning now to an Obama administration decision that we learned about today, one that is, once again, at odds with President Obama’s much ballyhooed pledge to be the most transparent administration in history. The issue at hand, Hillary Clinton’s role in crafting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is the largest regional trade deal in history brokered while Hillary Clinton led the State Department,” Tapper said. “It’s a deal which the likely Democratic nominee vouched for as Secretary of State no fewer than 45 times between 2010 and 2013 and called it the gold standard of all trade deals.”

Although it took Tapper eight years to get this aggressive with Obama and Clinton, he deserves a lot of credit here. While Fox News is fawning over Donald Trump, CNN’s Tapper is doing real reporting. Frankly, I won’t watch Fox News anymore. They have become an unofficial Super PAC for Trump and have proven to me that they are not only biased, but untrustworthy. So, CNN is now an alternative. Between the State Department saying it will be 75 years before all the emails can be released and Obama giving cover by delaying the release till after the election, the corruption has become obvious to Tapper and he is poking the badger over it. The Democrats will rally the wagons and protect their own. Clinton will probably never be indicted and we will never see all those emails. It’s the Marxist two-step and the people will have to rise up to put an end to it at some point, I fear.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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