While Hillary Was Getting Grilled By The FBI, Obama Received Some Very BAD NEWS Of His Own! [VIDEO]

Remember how Obama said we could keep our doctors and health plans “if we liked them”? Well, we all know he lied to us, but now, even as Hillary was getting grilled by the FBI, Obama got some really bad economic news about his Obamacare debacle that makes it look increasingly like HE won’t be able to keep his healthcare plan if he likes it, either.

Obamacare was born in lies and started off with failed websites, insurance companies that refused to join, and premium costs that were many times higher than Obama promised. And now, we get even more bad news of this failed Obamacare law courtesy of AllenBWest.com:

As of today, thirteen of the twenty-three Obamacare co-ops (nonprofit insurance companies created by the law) had failed, forcing 730,000 off of their coverage. $2.4 billion in taxpayer loans was spent setting up these co-ops, which have returned a grand total of one million dollars back to the Federal government. Obamacare is losing its “franchises,” and with them, its customers.

For a more detailed picture we shoot over to HotAir.com:

Will anyone ever admit that Obamacare has failed? The Associated Press and CBS New York reported last night that just a few months after the Obama administration bragged about enrolling 12.7 million people through the Obamacare exchanges for 2016 — still far below initial projections for Year Three — 1.6 million people dropped out after the first quarter. The 13 percent decline sets the levels back close to last year’s levels of enrollment.

Recall that even the initial levels of enrollment only went half-way to initial projections. In March, Brian Blase reminded readers at Forbes of the projections from both government and private analyses for enrollment by the 2016 term. He also predicted the retreat:

When the ACA passed in 2010, government and private research organizations projected between 21 and 27 million exchange enrollees in 2016. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected 21 million enrollees, the Urban Institute projected 23.1 million, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services projected 24.8 million, and the Rand Corporation projected 27 million.

During this year’s open enrollment, 12.7 million people selected plans. Since many people who select plans fail to effectuate enrollment by paying premiums and there was large attrition in net exchange enrollment during both 2014 and 2015, there will likely only be about 10 million exchange enrollees by the end of the year and only about 11 million enrollees, on average, in 2016.

Obamacare is a massively failed scheme.

One is tempted to say it was planned to fail, too, all so some future Democrat can swoop in and take over every part of our healthcare system to “save” it.

Just for a refresher of the massive number of lies Obama told as he sold Obamacare like poisonous snake oil…

Warner Todd Huston

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