Is President Obama Trying To Kill The Gulf State Economies?

It sure seems like President Obama despises Republican states. The industry remains dormant in the Gulf. Like the dry fields of California, acres and acres of livelihood being destroyed by Democrat mismanagement, so to the Gulf states see their fields dying and they’re lives destroyed. From CNN:

The offshore drilling ban imposed after the BP disaster is only supposed to hit operations in deep water — 500 feet or more.

But drillers in shallow water say they haven’t been issued permits since the April 20 explosion. The delay has already forced hundreds of layoffs, and many more could be on the way.

“I’m almost out of business over here,” said Paul Butler, president of Spartan Offshore, a small drilling company in Metairie, La.

Butler said that only one of his four drill rigs are operating; all four were drilling before the spill. Spartan has six contracts that would put his entire fleet back to work, but he can’t get going until the permits come through, he added.

The week before last, Butler said he had to lay off 72 employees. Come Tuesday he’ll have to let another 140 go.

“That’s 140 families, is how I look at it,” Butler said.

Same is true at Hercules Offshore, the largest shallow water driller in the Gulf.

Wild life is destroyed. The gorgeous water, destroyed. Lives, destroyed.

Part of this can’t be helped. But the part where jobs and livelihoods are lost CAN be helped. What a disaster this administration is. And the places that get help–dying union states–versus Republican voting states is alarming.

President Obama doesn’t seem like the President of all the people…just some of them.

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