Jay Leno BLISTERS OBAMA in His Latest Monologue

Jay Leno BLISTERS OBAMA in His Latest Monologue

When Massachussetts Democrats are saying we may need a special prosecutor and Jay Leno is ruthlessly mocking Barack Obama in his monologues, it’s a sign that the political winds have shifted in a big way.

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And a Chicago man has set a new Guinness Book world record for the longest ferris wheel ride. He went 48 hours, 48 hours straight riding the ferris wheel in Chicago’s Navy pier. In fact, the only way to go around and around in circles that many times is to read the official report on Benghazi. That’s about the only way to go around and around.

Well, look at this. The White House, the White House has admitted that President Obama’s chief of staff had advanced warning the IRS was targeting conservative groups but never told the president. Well, President Obama says the first time he heard about the IRS scandal and the AP phone records scandal, first time he heard about it was from the media. See, that’s why President Obama holds press conferences: not to explain what’s going on, to find out what’s going on.

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After reading that, I can’t help but think back to a 2009 quote from Joy Behar.

But it is really not easy to make fun of the Obamas, because they’re really – they’re kind of really perfect, aren’t they?” – Joy Behar

How much of a diehard liberal would you have to be to say something so stupid — and sadly, she probably still believes it’s true even if there are a few Hollywood liberals like Jay Leno who have the courage to make funny jokes at Obama’s expense.

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