Just Stop: Video Purports To Show Obama Being Born In Kenyan Hospital

Enough. Seriously. Stop. Move on. This is just stupid. “Just wondering” about Obama’s birth certificate can be amusing, and, in honesty, good traffic bait (much like posting something negative about Ron Paul), but, just stop

(The Blaze) So, an “anonymous source” has sent Vice magazine a one-minute video that purports to be home footage of President Barack Obama’s birth in a Kenyan hospital.

Titled, “Obama Sr filmimg his sons birth in Kenya” [sic], the camera conspicuously focuses on “Ann Dunham’s” hospital chart and a Kenyan flag sticker before panning to a woman seemingly in labor. A suspiciously large (for a newborn) baby is then pulled from a tangle of sheets and the umbilical cord is cut. The woman cuddles the baby while the nurse and doctor applaud and the Aug. 4, 1961 date flashes.

To be clear, I’m not aiming the “just stop” at The Blaze and writer Madeleine Morgenstern, as she seems to be taking the same “good grief” attitude, and posting this for traffic. It’s aimed at “Peter R” who uploaded the video. From the interview with Vice (like the Blaze, I will warn you about clicking the link to Vice, filled with sexual content, not work friendly)

VICE: Where did you acquire this video that you purport to be footage of President Barack Obama’s birth?

Peter R: An associate from Africa contacted me and said that he had a VHS transfer of the original Super-8 film. I know him from my business trips and he decided to just give me this thing. He said it’s something he got from Obama’s father, a family friend, in the 60s and he’s kept it under wraps ever since Obama entered politics. Up until then, only my friend, his sister, and Obama’s immediately family had seen it–and now myself and the world.

One of the commenters at Vice points out that “super 8 film wasn’t introduced until 1965, before that it was 8mm. the Kenyan flag shown in the video wasn’t introduced until 1963… so next time make up a better story and get a better production designer… or at least do better research, this took all of 5 minutes for me to find”

What do you say to people who will undoubtedly claim that this is a fake, and that you or someone else manufactured it?
I tell them try to prove that it’s not real. I mean, like Trump told the president, the ball is in your court. The ball is in your court, now, Mr. President. We have the proof; what do you have?

No, Peter R, it is up to you to provide proof that it is authentic. I’m not one to provide cover for Obama, however, you have to provide the proper proof. And I’ll call 100% complete mule fritters on the baby coming out pretty much cleaned up, not covered with all sorts of fluids.

Furthermore, why would Obama Sr. take shots of the Keynan flag, the date, and a clipboard with Obama’s mother’s name and picture? Just f’ing stop.

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