Libyan Ambassador Warns Of ISIS Capability To Launch Attacks Against Europe

Obama’s Big Libyan Adventure is working out so well. Much like how Obama and his team have messed up Iraq and blew it with Iran’s Green uprising and the Arab Spring

(Breitbart) In an exclusive interview with David Webb, a Breitbart News contributor and SiriusXM Patriot channel talk show host, Libyan Diplomat Dr. Aref Nayed, warned that ISIS in Libya has consolidated its grip on the city of Sirte, located on the Libyan northern coast nearly an hour away from Europe by plane.

Webb asked the Libyan official: “Last time, ambassador, when we talked about the number of cities and towns where ISIS is operating in Libya, you mentioned some 12 cities. Since that time, and it’s been a short time, what’s the situation on the ground now?”

“The situation is that they have consolidated their control on Sirte — it’s a major city that’s about an hour and 15 minutes by plane from Italy,” responded Dr. Nayed, who also serves as a senior adviser to the prime minister of Libya.

The Libyan ambassador also said that ISIS has enhanced its control over the Libyan capital of Tripoli, which also sits on the country’s northern coast across from mainland Europe.

“They have also began to extend their control over Tripoli, the capital. They’ve already set up some checkpoints and those checkpoints are still unchallenged by the so called Libya bound militias in Tripoli and the reason they’re unchallenged is because they are actually complicit in the rise of ISIS,” said Nayed.

Lest anyone think that Ambassador Nayed is full of mule fritters, Italy is taking the threat very seriously, despite some mocking of ISIS. One would think that Liberals would be appalled by ISIS vowing to “throw homosexuals off the Leaning Tower Of Pisa”, if not taking over Rome. CBS noted last week

Libya has lacked real security of any kind since the fall of long-time dictator Muammar Qaddafi in 2011, becoming a network of allied and feuding militias vying for control of territory. In recent months, a number of these militias have pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Good job, O!

CBS also noted that hundreds of boats have crossed the Mediterranean and

As CBS Radio News correspondent Anna Matranga reported, more than 3,500 migrants are believed to have crossed the Mediterranean on boats from Africa and the Middle East to Europe during January alone.

What’s the chance that hardcore Islamists are among those “migrants”? The damage and terror that can be caused by just one jihadi can be immense. And, while Egypt and other nations are very concerned, and called for a UN backed military coalition

But the U.S. and Britain rejected the call for a resolution, pushing instead for a political resolution to the crisis of leadership in Libya as a seeming prerequisite for tackling the militant groups operating inside the country.

Hey, perhaps if Obama sent them all some MP3 players with his speeches and selfies ISIS members would just give up, right? Pusillanimity. Obama wears his Chamberlain hat, and, sadly, so does Britain.

Meanwhile, ISIS has reportedly kidnapped at least 90 Christians in Syria.

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