Liveblogging Obama’s Speech

Liveblogging Obama’s Speech

* So now, we’re just about ready to get to Obama’s big jobs bill. He’s built this up to ridiculous levels and honestly, I think that was a mistake given the “Son of Stimulus” proposal he’s supposedly about to promote tonight.

* There are multiple reasons why this was a mistake

A) The stimulus is widely and correctly regarded as a failure. Why repeat a failure?
B) Republicans hated the deficit spending in the bill. They will be extremely reluctant to go along with it.
C) On the other hand, Democrats opposed it because they think it was too small. This will be even smaller.
D) This is yet another speech. How about less talk and more action?
E) This is ultimately a cynical move. Obama didn’t consult with Republicans to come up with something. Instead he’s going to put up a bill that’s designed to fail, so he can use it as a campaign issue.

* Washingon has “helped” the economy way too much already. That’s why we’re in this situation now.

* That’s it Obama: Just say you should pass this right away and that will do it!

* Mitch McConnell and John Boehner look like they’re at a funeral.

* Now we’re back to the bridges and roads again? And railroads? Maybe we should have done that with the trillion dollar stimulus bill we already passed.

* This is the same old, same old from Obama.

* All right, we’ll put people to work right now! So, the jobs are shovel ready?

* I can’t believe Obama had this huge build up for the sack of trite horseflop.

* Let’s pay people not to work for another year because it would be a devastating blow to the economy if we don’t? What kind of crazy talk is that?

* So Obama wants to spend more now, but we’ll cut it later? Why don’t I buy into that?

* If we gradually reform Medicare and Social Security, it won’t be there when people need it. Agree with that.

* Gee, why don’t these businesses want to hire anybody? Maybe because of speeches like this, where the President is telling everyone that we need to dramatically increase their taxes?

* I feel like I’ve heard this speech already a dozen times.

* RT @davidhauptmann Yes, let’s pass the trade agreements! But you have to send them to Congress, Mr. President!

* Extended Republican clapping on cutting regulations and spending.

* I reject the idea that we have to choose between having jobs or being stabbed in eyes by scissors! Blah, blah, blah.

* The story of America IS smaller government, less spending, and more independence.

* This is Obama’s jump the shark moment, where people are just going to start giving up on him because he has nothing to offer but speeches.

* Even the Democrats look like they think is tired and dull, but they’re going through the motions.

* RT @lyndseyfifield “The next election is 14 months away” BELIEVE ME, WE KNOW.

* It’s over…thank goodness.

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