LOL! Watch This Man MOON Obama’s Motorcade in Dallas [VIDEO]

LOL! Watch This Man MOON Obama’s Motorcade in Dallas [VIDEO]

There are big victories and then there are small ones, like this. Question the maturity of this all you want, that doesn’t make it any less funny.

Obviously if you find content such as this offensive, don’t watch the video.

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From DownTrend:

This guy is my hero.

As his motorcade arrived in Dallas for the memorial for the fallen police officers, crowds gathered – as they often do – to see President Obama roll by.

With police following the crowd, one brave soul decided to tell Obama exactly how he felt about him.

He mooned the President.


With the police watching – who later chastised him, he turned around, dropped his pants and gave Barack Obama a sight he will not soon forget.

Too bad he was too far away to see it.

Watch the video below:

This guy deserves a medal.

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