Looks Like Obama Will Be Rewarded For Destroying America

Looks Like Obama Will Be Rewarded For Destroying America

It turns out that Obama actually thinks people will care enough about his life and time as President to read about it once he leaves the White House. He’s projected to make $40M on his first published memoirs, meaning that he won’t be fading into obscurity like George W. Bush had the decency to do.

No, it sounds like we’re going to be stuck with Obama for quite some time after his term is over.

Can’t say I’m thrilled about that in the least.


But on a serious note, it will be pretty impressive if he can make people read about his golf outings and vacations with some President-ing sprinkled in.

And then there is Mrs. Obama, whose memoirs could go for even more than the President’s, as women have a bigger habit of gossiping. I personally don’t want to hear her go on for hundreds of pages about how she was proud of her country for the first time in her life, or how she felt about living in a “house built by slaves” for 8 years, but whatever floats your boat.

While it’s not unusual for Presidents to write books about their time in the White House after their term is up, many expect Obama’s to sell because of his experience as the first black President as well as his popularity within the Democratic party.

Liberals will undoubtedly buy this book just as they bought his other books, but for the most part he’ll be selling to an echo chamber that would praise him regardless.

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