Louisiana’s Toughest Cop DESTROYS Obama for Playing Golf While State Floods

Louisiana’s Toughest Cop DESTROYS Obama for Playing Golf While State Floods

BOOOOM! Captain Clay Higgins is no fool, he knows what Obama is up to and he’s calling the ‘lead from behind’ President out while his panties are still down…


From the Independent Journal:

He started by bringing up Trump’s low-profile trip last week:

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“I think Mr. Trump’s response was completely appropriate. I think it was low profile and compassionate.

He didn’t present himself as some kind of savior. He just came in, met with the people he needed to meet with and displayed his compassion and concern.”

Let me put it this way, as the floods were ravaging our state, I was hopeful that Obama might come down here.

However, knowing that he was golfing and not here, was disappointing to me. So then he came today with a well written statement that was prepared by someone else.

I don’t believe for one second that the man has it in his heart to communicate compassion and encouragement for the people of South Louisiana. Because if he had that, he would done it last week. He would stepped away from the golf course and had a press conference.

He explained what the people in South Louisiana are doing to move forward:

We are recovering because of the spontaneous acts of good will and dedication of time and labor. There is a massive movement of churches and their efforts have dwarfed the aid of the government and Red Cross.

The only time the federal government has been involved they have been in the way, and that doesn’t exclude the current Commander-in-Chief.”

Higgins added:
“If Chicago had been flooded, Obama’s hometown, the media would have covered it on a massive level. And Obama would have been there on day one.”

He mentions that Trump just went in, did what he could, didn’t make a big fuss about his presence nor did he wait until it was convenient. Whereas, Obama announced he would be visiting a week early and made an entrance with trumpets blaring. Obama was not lacking any ego either – did you catch his speech?


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