Major US Holiday Renamed ‘Malia Obama Day’ Sparking OUTRAGE

Major US Holiday Renamed ‘Malia Obama Day’ Sparking OUTRAGE

For many liberals, the Obama family is revered. And that’s fair enough — after all, everyone has their favorite presidents. It’s also understandable that a president would be honored in various ways. But their children? That raises eyebrows.

Barack and Michelle Obama have two daughters, Sasha and Malia. Malia was born on July 4th and just recently celebrated a birthday. Some took to social media wanting to call it “Malia Obama Day,” which caused considerable pushback.

It all started when Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to wish Malia a happy 19th birthday. In his tweet, he said, “Happy Malia Obama Day” and others quickly piled on. “Independence Day doesn’t count for us anyway…so for her birthday, I say HAPPY MALIA OBAMA DAY! God bless America!” one person wrote. “Until this country treats people of color the same, it’s national bbq & Malia Obama day,” another agreed.

But still others were offended.

“Ridiculous and disrespectful. Independence Day celebrates this countries fight for freedom,” one person wrote on Facebook. “This eventually led to the fight for freedom for all men. For blacks to set aside a treasured national holiday in favor of Malia Obama Day is a disgrace. What has this young tart done to deserve even the mention that it was her birthday. Nothing.”

“What a joke. People celebrating the birthday of some they don’t know personally,” another person agreed, before launching into an attack on Malia. “Someone who has accomplished nothing but graduating high school. Someone who didn’t fight her way into Harvard but who’s parents bought her way. They are celebrating someone who goes out to party on a regular basis. I will never celebrate Malia Obama because there is nothing to celebrate. Yeah she was born so was every else here on Earth. This has to be fake news anyway.”

Malia will be starting at Harvard University in the fall, where her father also went to school.

Are you offended by the idea of “Malia Obama Day”?

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