Malia Obama’s Shirt Raises Eyebrows, Sparks Outrage (Photo)

Malia Obama’s Shirt Raises Eyebrows, Sparks Outrage (Photo)

This happened about a year ago, but people are still fixating on it. Timing is everything, even with Malia Obama. Just weeks after she was videoed getting high on pot at a festival, she wore a t-shirt that says “Smoking Kills” to another music festival in Philadelphia. Perhaps she has a different idea of what smoking entails… I hate to break it to her, but getting high on pot is smoking.

Malia was 18 when she attended the Budweiser’s Made In America Festival in Philadelphia on Sept. 4th, 2016. She hasn’t matured much in the last year. Recently, she was videoed jerking around on the ground at Lollapalooza in Chicago this July. She was also photographed looking like she had passed out on a golf cart from drinking too much or drugs, who knows.

Right about now, Malia is starting her college stint at Harvard. She seems to have started her wild life a bit early. Wonder if she’ll make it through the rigorous trials of liberal Harvard? She’ll probably float through it because of politics, race and status. She’s also getting uber cranky with people taking her picture and videoing her. There was at least one instance where she got in someone’s face over it.

Malia was in Harvard Square at the end of August with a friend hanging out. As she approached a salad shop, a woman ran up to her and said she wanted a photo for her grandchild. We’re told Malia politely declined. The grandma was undeterred and staked out the salad joint, waiting for Malia to leave. When she did, we’re told the grandma trained her camera on the former First Daughter and Malia fired back, “Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?” Testy.

Of course, the media is slobbering all over the girl. Frankly, I don’t get why. I’ve always considered her spoiled, but that’s just me. Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter moved into her dorm at Harvard University at the end of August as well. So, we’ll see how she fares. I wish her all the best, but she really should consider the irony of wearing a shirt that chastises behavior she has recently engaged in.

The tabloids are expecting rebellious antics from Malia. But she seemed to be trying hard to make her move-in anything but exciting. While chatting with other students in a public space on Harvard’s campus in Cambridge, MA, she politely declined a reporter’s interview request, according to the Boston Globe. I don’t blame her on that one. Malia would do well to stay as far away from the press as she can. Just sayin’.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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