Man Surrounded By Lots Of Armed Security Says Gun Are Our Shared Responsibility

Obviously, after Obama’s little town hall thing on CNN, where Obama told a rape survivor that owning a gun could lead to a tragic accident….say, doesn’t that mean that Obama is in a lot of danger from all the guns surrounding him?…, there will be lots of opinion pieces from the Compliant Media. The NY Times gets the prize, as they publish one written with the byline Barack Obama

Barack Obama: Guns Are Our Shared Responsibility

THE epidemic of gun violence in our country is a crisis. Gun deaths and injuries constitute one of the greatest threats to public health and to the safety of the American people. Every year, more than 30,000 Americans have their lives cut short by guns. Suicides. Domestic violence. Gang shootouts. Accidents. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost brothers and sisters, or buried their own children. We’re the only advanced nation on earth that sees this kind of mass violence with this frequency.

He forgets that 20,000 are suicides, and a goodly chunk of the rest are from people who posses guns illegally, mostly in Democratic Party run areas, some with massive gun restrictions, like Chicago, Baltimore, and California. And gun free zones. Let’s not forget about those

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A national crisis like this demands a national response. Reducing gun violence will be hard. It’s clear that common-sense gun reform won’t happen during this Congress. It won’t happen during my presidency. Still, there are steps we can take now to save lives. And all of us — at every level of government, in the private sector and as citizens — have to do our part.

I did. I bought a gun back in 2008, after the election. Anyhow, if “our part” means new gun restrictions on law abiding citizens, well, perhaps he can explain how that’s worked in Chicago? Perhaps he can explain why “gun violence” is so prevalent within Black communities as administered by the Democratic Party?

As Americans, we hold consumer goods to high standards to keep our families and communities safe. Cars have to meet safety and emissions requirements. Food has to be clean and safe. We will not end the cycle of gun violence until we demand that the gun industry take simple actions to make its products safer as well. If a child can’t open a bottle of aspirin, we should also make sure she can’t pull the trigger of a gun.

What’s that joke, based on reality, about kids being able to open what adults can’t? The only thing I can figure is that he wants “smart guns”. They make a few. If guns are so dangerous, the US Secret Service should be armed only with smart guns.

Yet today, the gun industry is almost entirely unaccountable. Thanks to the gun lobby’s decades of efforts, Congress has blocked our consumer products safety experts from being able to require that firearms have even the most basic safety measures. They’ve made it harder for the government’s public health experts to conduct research on gun violence. They’ve guaranteed that manufacturers enjoy virtual immunity from lawsuits, which means that they can sell lethal products and rarely face consequences. As parents, we wouldn’t put up with this if we were talking about faulty car seats. Why should we tolerate it for products — guns — that kill so many children each year?

A nice little strawman. A gun that fires is not faulty, unless it is going off with the safety or a trigger lock engaged. We don’t sue a car manufacturer if someone is killed by a drunk driver. We don’t sue makers of hammers and other “blunt weapons” when they kill someone. Or knife manufacturers. They aren’t faulty. The car seat referenced is.

All of us need to demand leaders brave enough to stand up to the gun lobby’s lies. All of us need to stand up and protect our fellow citizens. All of us need to demand that governors, mayors and our representatives in Congress do their part.

The majority of us approve of the “gun lobby”. Obama must, since he is surrounded by armed security. The citizens are the gun lobby. No one should be surprised in the least that Obama goes down Divisive Road in pitting citizen against citizen while Blamestorming the “gun lobby”. For a guy who was supposedly going to bring the country together, he sure loves to divide us.

Those moments represent American democracy, and the American people, at our best. Meeting this crisis of gun violence will require the same relentless focus, over many years, at every level. If we can meet this moment with that same audacity, we will achieve the change we seek. And we will leave a stronger, safer country to our children.

You know where it’s really safe? Where Obama has his home in Hyde Park, a section of Chicago, where crime is really, really low, and the University of Chicago Police Department patrols. They carry guns, there are lots of them, and they make sure undesirable elements stay out.

When will Obama hold a townhall on the threat from Islamist violence?

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