Man Who Lives Behind Layers Of Security Whines About Building Border Wall

When push comes to shove, never bet against Mr. Obama demeaning Americans and America, especially when speaking in front of the United Nations. Powerline writes of his whole speech “The tone is professorial, patronizing, obnoxious, and unmanly.” It’s just Obama being Obama

(Breitbart) President Obama, who appears increasingly annoyed by presidential candidate Donald Trump, pointedly denounced the themes of the billionaire candidate’s campaign for president during his speech to the United Nations.

Referring to the “most advanced democracies” in the world, Obama admitted to the world leaders that there was opposition from the “far right” on trade agreements and immigration.

“We see greater polarization, more frequent gridlock; movements on the far right, and sometimes the left, that insist on stopping the trade that binds our fates to other nations, calling for the building of walls to keep out immigrants,” he said.

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It was Democrats who were mostly against the recent trade agreements. That said, Obama lives behind “walls”. The White House has a fence, separating Obama from everyone else, which is constantly monitored by people with guns. Sure, it isn’t perfect, a few people get through now and then, but, it stops 99.999% of the people. He has a wall of people constantly surrounding him when he is out and about. Of course, he’s being completely disingenuous, as usual, in calling people who illegally cross our borders/overstay their visas “immigrants”.

Obama continues on in that paragraph

Most ominously, we see the fears of ordinary people being exploited through appeals to sectarianism, or tribalism, or racism, or anti-Semitism; appeals to a glorious past before the body politic was infected by those who look different, or worship God differently; a politics of us versus them.

In other words, he’s saying that people aren’t entitled to their opinions. Who’s opinions should be allowed? Well, that’s easy to guess, is it not?

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