Man Who Raises Massive Amounts Of Campaign Cash Whines About Others With Campaign Cash

In case you haven’t figured it out, the man in question is Barack H. Obama

(Daily Caller) President Barack Obama used an interview from the luxury cabin of Air Force One to decry campaign spending by himself and his opponents.

“I think the amount of money that is being spent in my campaign and Mr. Romney’s campaign and in the super PACs that are out there is ridiculous,” Obama said on the return leg of his 48-hour Air Force One tour of eight states.

It’s supposed to cost the Obama campaign quite a bit to campaign while using AF1. It sure costs the US taxpayer a heft sum.

A new batch of financial reports was published recently, showing that the president has raised $657 million to win re-election in 2012.

Obama suggested he would use a second term – when he can’t run again – to impose limits on other politicians’ spending.

He raised $740 million during his first run, including from such illustrious voters as Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, and Bart Simpson, not to mention all the overseas and other illegal donations thanks to failing to use the proper measures for on-line credit card donations. He’s doing the same this election. He refused to limit himself to the federal spending limit in 2008, breaking a promise to John McCain. And, despite his complaining about outside spending, he’s failed to divorce himself from the big PACs supporting him

“When the Citizens United [201 Supreme Court] decision came out, I took a fairly unusual step of saying this is bad for our democracy in a State of the Union speech,” he declared.

He acted like his typical un-presidential and obnoxious self and insulted the Supreme Court in a venue in which they couldn’t respond.

“I think that’s an easy choice,” Obama replied. The spending “is bad for our democracy… [and] I continue to believe that.”

Surprisingly, I actually agree with him, because that crazy money raising and spending in 2008 allowed a chump whose campaign was based on policies of “hope and change” and not much else, a cult of personality, to be elected, with all the resulting problems that a guy with no executive experience but lots of extreme far left ideas and a narcissistic makeup one would expect.

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