Michele Bachmann: Obama Has Committed “Impeachable Offenses”

True, but what are Republicans going to do about it?


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said Tuesday that President Obama has “committed impeachable offenses” and that the House could hold a hearing to impeach.

“We can have an impeachment hearing in the House, and in my mind the president has committed impeachable offenses,” Bachmann told conservative talk show host Rusty Humphries in an interview first detailed by Right Wing Watch.

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Bachmann was careful to distinguish between the House’s ability to impeach the president, which she said would merely be a “stain” on his record, and the Senate’s authority to remove the president from office, which she acknowledged would be unlikely in the Democratic-controlled upper chamber.

Still, the Minnesota Republican warned that impeachment was a “disruptive and harmful” tool.

“Impeachment is important that we have that tool – it’s very important – but it’s also disruptive and harmful to the nation and it’s to be used sparingly,” she said.

But she argued it may be necessary because citizens are on the cusp of civil disobedience because they’re so fed up with Obama’s “thuggery.”

“I think we could be on the cusp of seeing civil disobedience – I’m not saying I want civil disobedience – but people aren’t going to take the thuggery of this president much longer,” she said. “We see thuggery going on in the White House, we’re not going to take it. We’ve drawn a line in the sand, and we’re telling the president you need to recognize … that you are a co-equal branch of government. You are not a dictator.”

Bachmann said that the U.S. was at risk of devolving “into a dictatorship,” but that the Tea Party had done its job in standing up to Democrats on the fiscal issues surrounding the government shutdown.

“What this is about is whether or not we will hold on to a constitutional republic,” she said. “I want the Tea Party to know they made a profound difference and what they’re fighting for is to see if we’re actually going to be a constitutional republic or if we’re going to be totally devolved into a dictatorship under somebody like Barack Obama.”

While reasonable people could disagree whether Barack Obama has committed impeachable offenses, you could make a very good argument that he deserves to be impeached. Obama is willfully ignoring immigration law and the law of the land on Obamacare. Additionally, you could make the case that spying on Americans, Fast and Furious, and lying to the American people about Benghazi are all impeachable offenses as well.

However, as Bachmann notes, there’s a big difference between what Obama deserves and what he’s going to get. Even if the House impeached him, it couldn’t get it through the Senate. That’s part of the reason it’s so important for Republicans to stand up to Obama. Obama doesn’t care about the country, the Constitution, or the law. The only check on his power is the willingness of the American people to stand up to him.

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