Mike Lee: Obama leaves Backdoor Open for Illegal Immigrants to become Citizens

President Obama’s recently unveiled immigration scheme creates a new path for illegal immigrants and those who overstay their visas to become legal citizens nearly instantly, according to Utah Sen. Mike Lee.
Taking to the Senate floor Thursday to reveal the backdoor he said Obama is opening to millions more illegals beyond the parents of children here legally, the Republican said, “This is the danger of unilateral executive action.” Uh, DUH:

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While the issue is complicated, Lee said that Obama’s plan would ease the requirement that those overstaying their visas must leave then try to enter again legally.
It would also provide a way for those here illegally to be waived into America without any punishment.
Lee said that the Obama plan would provide “advance parole” to illegals, putting them on the fast track to a green card and citizenship. That status has been difficult to get in the past.
Now, however, he said that the president plans to ease the 3-10 year waiting period for those who leave then try to reenter legally by granting provisional waivers for entry. What’s more, in some cases illegals will be allowed to stay in the United States while waiting for those provisional waivers.
“What stands between these people and citizenship is the need to enter the country lawfully, which they can’t do until they leave, wait the period of time that Congress has set by law, and then and only then come back. The president claims that he’s not touching this rule, but that’s exactly what he’s doing,” said Lee.
“He’s doing it through a program called ‘advance parole,’ ” said Lee, one of the GOP experts on the immigration laws.
“Advance parole is essentially a form of permission for an undocumented immigrant to travel outside the country and then return. When he gets back to the country and approaches the border, he presents an advance travel document to the border officials and they will parole him into the country.
“And what’s more, the president has announced if you leave the country under a grant of advance parole, the administration will treat you as though you had never left at all, meaning they will ignore the three-year or 10-year wait mandated by Congress for people who have come here unlawfully and then left the country. When that’s done, as it turns out, that illegal immigrant will suddenly become eligible to take advantage of a different way to become a citizen.”

Oh my gosh. Just stop, Obama! Amnesty is unacceptable. Time to deport people who aren’t citizens. They are not legal residents of the United States. These desperate attempts at power grabs are sickening and need to be stopped. Signed, an American citizen.


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