Mr. President, You Are Sorry PERIOD!

Mr. President:


Millions of Americans have been vilified, belittled, called racist, anarchists, and radical by you and your political machine. : Your party leaders, your organizations, and your friends in the media have: attempted to marginalize: the voice of citizens that oppose Obamacare. : You, your official staff and your campaign staff have known these people were right since at least 2010, but instead of fixing the problem, you decided to use the Cult of Obama to silence them.

You didn’t stop there: : Your IRS targeted: conservatives,: conservative groups, and you and your administration have done everything possible to obstruct a legitimate Contressional investigation into their abuse of power.

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Your administration has used the heavy hand of the federal government to: raid companies: and: journalists: that don’t see it your way.

You sent your: puppet out to lie: to the American people about the Benghazi attacks, telling us all that it was caused by a YouTube video. : Your Secretary of State and other officials from the White House insisted for WEEKS that the attack was the result of that video even though you knew within hours of the start of the attack that it was planned and executed by an alQaeda group.

Even after “some” of the truth has come out, you know the part that the video had nothing to do with it, the: producer of the video is sitting in jail.


You proclaim, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan PERIOD” like you are Obi Wan Kenobi saying, “these aren’t the droids you are looking for.” : I’ve seen Star Wars, and you Mr. President are no Obi Wan… I liken you more to Darth Vader. : As evidenced above, I envision you pinching the throat of an adversary while telling them, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

Add the pathetic rollout of a website that you’ve had almost four years to develop to the: millions of: health insurance: cancelation notices Americans are getting, the mask is off.

Now,: some in the Cult of Obama, and: many of those in the middle: are realizing that you and your policies are a fraud, causing you to take to the airwaves to say, “I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation…”

You are sorry they find themselves in a situation that: you created, and: you knew: was coming? : You, your administration, and your campaign have worked for years to marginalize anyone or any group that attempted to inform people that this is what would happen and now you are sorry?

I think the only thing you’re sorry about —like any criminal —:  is that you’ve been caught.

Are you going to be sorry next year, just before the midterm election, when the employer mandate kicks in and: tens of millions more are forced to lose the healthcare plans?

Are you going to be sorry when the government is: forcing doctors to accept medicare and medicaid: patients?

And what happens when the: young people don’t sign up: like us racist, crazy, radical, anarchists have been saying, what then Mr. President?

You see, it is not because we are racist, crazy, radical, anarchists, it’s because we are Americans that are: bitter and clinging. : We expect our leaders not to lie to us. : We hope that they will listen to our grievances and concerns and not demonize us for raising them. : We especially hope that they will come clean when their ideas fail… but from you, we get, “I’m sorry your dog died” while failing to admit you are the one that ran over it.

I recall a story from a senior advisor on Ronald Reagan’s ’76 campaign, I heard it first person so I have to paraphrase… “After the loss, he (Reagan) gathered us together, and told us not to lose faith. He said that everyone in the room knows our opponents policies will fail, and after they fail, we will have the opportunity to get it right.”

I fall back on this “rose colored glasses” story often, but this story only comes true if people wake up. Generally, people wake up when they are disturbed… Well Mr. President, all indications are that you, and your campaign to “fundamentally transform America” are disturbing more and more Americans.
In closing Mr. President, I believe that you are sorry… a sorry example in the use of Jedi mind tricks… a sorry example of a president… a sorry example of what America stands for. You are just sorry PERIOD.

An Awakened Giant

P.S. And a liar to boot!

This post was used with the permission of Joe for America.

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