MSM Beclowning: Digging For Ways To Slur Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally

When you really, truly need to see the the Old Media make complete fools and clowns of themselves, well, here is Epic Fail

Glenn Beck is borrowing some lines from President Barack Obama.

At his rally with tens of thousands on the steps of Lincoln Memorial, Beck used the closing lines of then-candidate Obama’s campaign stump speech of 2008.

“One man can change the world,” Beck told the crowd. “That man or woman is you. You make the difference.”

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Obama used a similar message on the campaign trail. He used to say that one voice could change a room, one room could change a city, and one city could change a state. Obama liked to say that state could change a country and urged supporters to go out and change the world.

Interesting that the AP would remember that line from Obama, must be part of their daily prayer to Obama or something. But, really, are the lines the same? Perhaps in AP World. Obama used it a few times on the campaign trail, as well as in a TV commercial, and in a campaign appearance, which dooooooooomed John Corzine.

It’s not like Obama hasn’t pretty much lifted lines straight from other speeches, or something. But, in this case the lines aren’t the same, and I seriously doubt that Glenn Beck has been issued his Obama scripture and homily card to refer to. If the AP wants to play this game, then we could say Obama borrowed lines from Paul Thompson, among others. Though, his supporters probably preferred the Mick Travis version (1st quote) while Bush was President.

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