North Korea Fires Ballistic Missiles… IT’S HAPPENING [VIDEO]

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missiles…  IT’S HAPPENING [VIDEO]

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Obama went to the G20 Summit in China, where he had a lot of meaningless talks with Vladimir Putin and whined about climate change. And even though Obama was in Asia, that didn’t dissuade North Korea from acting up. The most powerful man in the world was in their backyard and they still fired off three missiles in Japan’s direction.

Both South Korea and the United States militaries announced that North Korea fired three ballistic missiles in Japan’s direction just after 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on Monday. They were fired south of the nation’s capital of Pyongyang. According to South Korea’s Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the missiles flew approximately 600 miles and hit Japan’s air defense identification zone. In a statement, the Japan Defense Ministry said, “We are still analyzing details but this is a grave threat to our nation’s security, and we express deep concern.”


Meanwhile, the newest missile launch can have major repercussions for South Korea. While South Korea, an ally of the United States, is dependent on exporting goods to China, they also want help from the United States. China strongly opposes South Korea being given advanced military equipment from the United States, though. That puts South Korea in the position of having to choose between their economy and being able to defend themselves.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye pleaded with Chinese President Xi Jinping to recognize the threat, calling the threat from North Korea “unprecedented”. Pyongyang has now successfully been able to launch missiles from mobile carriers and submarines, putting South Korea in a precarious position. And North Korea does all of this with China’s tacit support and approval.

But the question is, what will Obama do?

Well, there’s a shocker. The United States “strongly condemns” the missile launches. North Korea better cut it out, or Obama might even send a mean letter their way! Or maybe the United Nations could issue some sanctions against North Korea. That always stops dictatorial governments headed up by homicidal maniacs, right?

It’s really sad that the United States has literally become, thanks to Obama, the paper tiger that Osama bin Laden mocked us as. We were the strongest country in the world. Now we’re nothing but the government equivalent of a nagging mom who will chastise her teenager for driving drunk while still willingly buying them another six-pack of beer.

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