NY Times Finally Discusses Obama’s Golf Image And How Bad It Looks

Oh, wait, sorry, my bad. The Fish Wrap does everything possible to avoid mentioning that Obama has played 72 times, 14 this year, and 11 weekends in a row, but, they do say For Many Politicians, Golfing Is Off Course

Less than 20 miles from the Capitol’s steps, through the buttoned-down section of the city and down a tree-lined parkway, sits a country club founded 87 years ago to give politicians and businessmen a place to loosen up and schmooze.

Said club, the Congressional, is hosting the US Open this week

“Most members of Congress won’t tell you, ‘I’m going to the U.S. Open at Congressional this week,’ simply because these days they would just as soon not be associated with the game of golf,” said the longtime Washington lobbyist Dan Tate Sr., who is one of the area’s top golfers, according to a recent ranking of power brokers by Golf Digest. “Most of them are going to say they are not going, or they are not going to acknowledge that they are going. There’s something wrong there, and it’s a shame, but they have to be aware of appearances.”

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I wonder why

And now with two wars, a tight economy and a high national unemployment rate, the prevailing belief is that constituents do not want to see their representatives having fun at the golf course.

So, now they are going to discuss Obama right? Well, of course the answer is…….no. So far, I haven’t heard anyone complain about their Representatives of Senators playing golf. They do complain about Obama playing golf. Taking vacations. Holding and going to parties. Flying around the world. Stuffing his face with chili dogs. Which, let’s face it, is simply a way to attempt to make Obama look bad to the uniformed voters. Because, really, it would probably have been best for this country, and be best going forward to January 20, 2012, if Obama spent most of his time doing anything but pretending to Do President.

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