NY Times: That Missouri ObamaCare Referendum Tuesday Is Meaningless

The Fish Wrap Of Record chimes in about an important issue, and decides it just ain’t all that, because all you right wing wackos will be the majority of the voters who show up. No, really

For all its symbolic import, the first plebiscite on the Obama health care law, to be held Tuesday in Missouri, seems likely to be a low-turnout affair among an electorate dominated by Republican primary voters and conservative activists.

Missouri is the first of at least three states with ballot measures this year aimed at nullifying the federal health care law by invalidating its keystone provision, the requirement that most people obtain insurance or pay a tax penalty. A recent statewide poll in Missouri found that not even likely Democratic voters could muster a majority against the proposition.

Right, because the polls do not illuminate a national electorate that prefers that ObamaCare be repealed.

The referendum on the measure, known as Proposition C, is seen as an organizational test for the Tea Party and like-minded conservatives in a swing state that President Obama lost narrowly in 2008 and that has since moved measurably away from him.

Damn you, (insert usual left wing sexual reference to the TEA Party here)! How dare you organize!

But the campaign has been a low-key affair, with no television advertising, debates or celebrity Facebook endorsements. Leading Democrats, from Mr. Obama to Gov. Jay Nixon, have kept their distance, seeing little to be gained by contesting what strategists dismiss as a Republican straw poll with a foregone conclusion.

So……they really haven’t organized? What’s with it being seen as an organizational test, then?

The most competitive elections in Tuesday’s primary are on the Republican side, meaning turnout should be higher among those with natural sympathies for Proposition C. There are 291 Republicans competing for state and federal office, compared with 208 Democrats.

So, if Prop C passes, it means nothing, because the majority who turned out where you right wing kooks, who must be raaaaacist because you oppose the historic legislative agenda of our historic first Black President. Bad right wing fundamentalist meanies!

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