Obama: 3000 Military Personnel To Fight Ebola

Going all in

(USA Today) President Obama on Tuesday will announce an expansion of a $763 million U.S. plan to help West Africa nations fight the spread of the Ebola virus, officials said Monday night.(snip)

About 3,000 U.S. military personnel will be in West Africa to lead the project, officials said.

Interesting. 3000 for this, slightly over 450 to serve as advisors in the fight against ISIS, but no actual fighting troops

The virus does not threaten the United States, and will not if the right steps are taking, officials.

So, no imminent threat to the US, no threat at all. Come on, liberals, step up, tell us how we shouldn’t become involved in someone else’s fight, and should not be putting our people and troops in harms way. Should we be paying for this? Should we even become involved? It’s not our fight. These are the arguments the Left uses.

And, no, I have no problem with helping in the fight against Ebola. Perhaps we should be as serious when it comes to Islamic extremism.

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