Obama Admin To Require Faith Based Grant Recipients To Hire LGBTs

Everyone else can be a protected class but those who practice religion (well, not hardcore Islam, of course. Leftists always seem to exempt them)

(Breitbart) The Obama Administration is poised to require faith-based recipients of federal grants to accept applications from LGBT individuals, according to a report published today by the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam).

By executive order last summer, President Obama amended the Johnson-era federal order on non-discrimination in hiring by federal contractors to include non-discrimination based on “sexual orientation and gender identity.” That order has roiled faith-based groups.

A confidential source tells C-Fam that the White House has directed federal agencies to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” as protected classes in all grant agreements.

This goes directly back to what Erik Erickson wrote, “you will be made to care“. While that is about gay marriage, the point still applies. Those of faith will be forced to care. They are being forced to be involved in gay marriage, despite their beliefs. Faith based organizations are being forced to offer contraceptives, abortifacients, and abortion services directly through their insurance or through slight of hand. All for a tiny, tiny portion of the population.

The Johnson-era order was amended in 2002 by President George Bush to include a religious exemption so that faith-based groups would not be forced to hire those in opposition to their teachings. It is unclear whether grant recipients have similar protections. And even those protections are under assault by those who want all such exemptions ended.

Team Obama will surely make sure there are no exemptions, and we can certainly bet the farm that LGBT activists will inundate faith based grant recipients with applications, and, if they aren’t hired, they will sue, surely with the help of the Obama Department of (Social-Political) Justice.

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