Obama Begs Republicans Not To Repeal His Failing Healthcare Law

Obama Begs Republicans Not To Repeal His Failing Healthcare Law

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If it was working so well, would it need to be repealed and replaced?

(The Hill) President Barack Obama on Saturday lauded the Affordable Care Act as a Republican-controlled Congress looks forward to its repeal.

During his weekly White House address, Obama encouraged Americans who don’t currently have healthcare to enroll in the program, and said that he wants to “build on the progress we’ve made” with the law.

Would that be the “progress” where costs are rising dramatically, service is restricted, deductibles make the insurance almost unusable for so many, medical facilities and doctors not accepting it, and insurers are dropping out? Among other issues? That progress?

“Whether or not you get insurance through the Affordable Care Act, that’s the health care system as we now know it,” Obama said. “Because our goal wasn’t just to make sure more people have coverage – it was to make sure more people have better coverage. That’s why we want to build on the progress we’ve made – and I’ve put forth a number of ideas for how to improve the Affordable Care Act.”

A 2000+ page bill, years to implement it, and people do not have better coverage. Anyhow, his idea seems to be to implement a government option. Seriously, what else has he proposed?

The president then criticized the Republican effort to repel and replace the law, stating that such a political move would erase all progress that has been made toward securing a better healthcare system in America.

“Now Republicans in Congress want to repeal the whole thing and start from scratch – but trying to undo some of it could undo all of it. All those consumer protections – whether you get your health insurance from ObamaCare, or Medicare, or Medicaid, or on the job – could go right out the window,” he said.

In other words, Obama is scaremongering with some prognostication because his signature legislation is on the chopping block because it’s failing, a bill that only Democrats voted for, and did so over the objections of the majority of Americans.

“One new study shows that if Congress repeals Obamacare as they’ve proposed, nearly 30 million Americans would lose their coverage. Four in five of them would come from working families. More than 9 million Americans who would receive tax credits to keep insurance affordable would no longer receive that help. That is unacceptable,” Obama said.

So, how do 30 million lose coverage when only 20 million (at least, those who signed up, we aren’t really getting numbers on those that actually pay their premiums) joined? Funny how Obama wasn’t worried when millions were losing their insurance they liked when this bill went into effect. Why was that not acceptable?

Here’s the thing: Democrats have continued to lose elections ever since Obamacare was passed. And now, they no longer control Congress nor the White House, and Trump will (hopefully) nominate a good Originalist for the Supreme Court. The Era Of Obama can be wiped away. As Obama himself stated, elections have consequences. If Obama and the Dems didn’t want this to happen, they should have crafted a better bill that actually worked.

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