Obama Bows To Japan – Then Japan Publicly Shames Him…

Obama Bows To Japan – Then Japan Publicly Shames Him…

President Obama traveled to Japan, in part, to visit Hiroshima. No other president has ever visited the city where the first atomic bomb was detonated as doing so is pathetically beneath the dignity of the office and might be construed as an apology of sorts. Though Obama offered Japan this reconciliatory gesture, he was greeted not with praise from the Japanese Prime Minister, but was, instead, promptly scolded – a sign of how lowly he is regarded in international circles.


From Western Journalism:

If there was any question as to whether President Obama would be treated like an emperor during his visit to Japan, the answer is absolutely not.

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No sooner had Air Force One touched down than the president received a tongue lashing by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

CBS News even titled the coverage of the incident “Japan’s Prime Minister Slams Obama For Okinawa Scandal,” a reference to murder of a Japanese woman at the hands of a Marine veteran who had been working at a U.S. military base in Okinawa.

Prime Minister Abe told Obama and reporters, “I, too, feel profound resentment when thinking of [the] fear and real disappointment of this victim. I am just speechless.” Abe called it a “self-centered and absolutely despicable crime.”

“The entire Japan was deeply shocked … such feelings of the Japanese people should be taken to heart,” Abe told Obama and added measures must be taken to prevent recurrence of such crimes.

Abe concluded the Okinawan people now have “strong sense of uneasiness about their security” as a result of the latest crime.

Appearing visibly shaken by the strong talk directed towards him, Obama called the crime appalling and said, “I think it’s important to point out the SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) does not in any way prevent the full prosecution and the need for justice under the Japanese legal system,” and promised to fully cooperate with the Japanese authorities to make sure the accused criminal is prosecuted.

The U.S. military presence in Japan has long since been a source of resentment by the Japanese towards the Americans, dating all the way back to World War II when the U.S. established permanent bases in post-war Japan. Over the years, thousands of crimes, often perpetrated by U.S. military personnel against Japanese women and girls, have aggravated the already tenuous presence the U.S. maintained.

Japan may very well be resentful of the U.S. presence in their territory. I understand that. However, such is the price paid for unabashed militarism that helped propel the world into a World War.

Japan need not enjoy our presence in their territory and we should certainly be willing to condemn the murder of a Japanese woman by the hands of an American Marine. But let’s be very clear: Japan has orchestrated some of the biggest war crimes in modern world history. They should feel free to pursue justice for victims, but Japanese authorities should save the self-righteous talks on morality and scoldings.

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