Obama Calls in His Notion of an Expert

Believe it or not, this story is not from The Onion, but AP:

Federal officials are hoping film director James Cameron can help them come up with ideas on how to stop the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The “Avatar” and “Titanic” director was among a group of scientists and other experts who met Tuesday with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies for a brainstorming session on stopping the massive oil leak.

Now if they could find a way to stuff Cameron’s ego into the hole, that would stop the oil for sure. But there’s no way it would fit. I know: we’ll have weird-looking noble savages from outer space stuff the hole full of moonbat sanctimony.

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Admittedly there is something highly appropriate about the director of a movie about the Titanic advising the Obamanation Administration.

Maybe Obama’s Hollyweird friends can save his farcical presidency.

On tips from Varla, Muddypaw, and Nancz. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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