Obama DOJ Tells Lawyers In New Black Panther Case To Not Cooperate

Hmmmm, just imagine George Bush was still president. How would this kind of news be received? Would it be splashed all over the leading U.S. papers, rather than pretty much in a sole outlet, the Washington Times? In fact, it seems that the Washington Times is the only one that is even following the story, the rest of the media is tending to ignore it in total. Anyhow

The Justice Department has told the federal attorneys who filed a civil complaint against the New Black Panther Party for disrupting a Philadelphia polling place last year not to cooperate with an investigation of the incident by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

The commission last week subpoenaed at least two Justice Department lawyers and sought documents from the department to explain why the complaint was dismissed just as a federal judge was about to punish the New Black Panther Party and three of its members for intimidating voters.

Joseph H. Hunt, director of the Justice Department’s Federal Programs Branch, ordered the lawyers’ silence in a letter to the attorney for J. Christian Adams, the lead attorney for the department in the New Black Panther case. The letter said “well-established” and “lawful” Justice Department guidelines prohibited Mr. Adams’ cooperation in the commission probe.

Surprise! If the rest of the media had any integrity left, they would be investigating this issue, and why, exactly, the Holder DOJ decided to dismiss the case out of the blue with no warning. But, they not only do not want to rain on Obama’s parade, they are actively working to protect him, forgetting the exact reason why the Bill of Rights gave the media protections from the Federal government.

The media didn’t care particularly when the photos and story came out in the first place.

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