Obama Endorses The Violence, Threats, And Hitler Signs In Wisconsin Via Hilda Solis

Even though Barack Obama is a union puppet who moves whenever they pull his strings, after an initial statement, he’s tried to stay clear of the miasma of fleebaggers, violence, threats, and hostile rhetoric coming from the Left in Wisconsin. Not only is it embarrassing, what you have are union members fighting to continue bilking the public in a state with a huge budget deficit.

Yet, let’s be honest here: Obama’s Secretary of Labor wouldn’t be supporting the unions against the people of Wisconsin unless he had given her the thumbs up to do it:

President Obama is staying mostly quiet about the union battle going on in Wisconsin. His labor secretary, Hilda Solis, is not.

“The fight is on!” Solis told a cheering crowd at the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting over the weekend in Washington. Giving her support to “our brothers and sisters in public employee unions,” Solis pledged aid to unionized workers who are “under assault” in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

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When the unions say “jump,” Barack Obama says, “How high?” So, it’s no surprise his administration is backing the unions. But since his administration is now more publicly getting behind the unions, it’s fair to start asking Barack Obama more direct questions about the people he supports.

* Does he think it’s okay for Democrats to flee the state rather than vote?

* Does he condemn the violence and threats the protestors have engaged in?

* Will he condemn the numerous comparisons of Scott Walker to Hitler and Mubarak?

It’s certainly appropriate to ask conservatives who support the Tea Party to condemn things like this when they occur. So, when there’s more violence, incivility, and thuggish behavior in two weeks’ worth of liberal protests endorsed by the Obama administration than there were at two years’ worth of Tea Party protests all across America, it’s fair to ask the President to speak out.

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