Obama Family Announces Plans to Do THIS… Outrage Ensues

Obama Family Announces Plans to Do THIS… Outrage Ensues

HA HA! Of course! OF COURSE…the Obama family will be spending their last summer as the Nation’s Presidential family, on yet another vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. After already spending over 70 million dollars on vacations AND putting our nation at risk…THEY are going to top off that price with millions more AND forget all the problems happening currently…to relax and enjoy some downtime. Sickening…


From Western Journalism:

According to The Cape Cod Times, President Barack Obama will be spending his final summer as Commander in Chief relaxing

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with his family in Martha’s Vineyard, as he has done in the past.

Coast Guard Captain Timothy Tobiasz, the commanding officer of Air Station Cape Cod, said the first family will likely return to the Vineyard for approximately three weeks.

Tobiasz also said the personnel of Air Station Cape Cod would be providing support and security during the president’s visit.

That being said, Obama’s past visits to Martha’s Vineyard have not been without controversy.

In 2014, following the death of U.S. citizen James Foley at the hands of ISIS, President Obama gave a brief press conference at the Vineyard before playing a round of golf.

Obama drew sharp criticism from his detractors at the time, who accused him of being callous and insensitive.

The Obamas have also come under criticism for the sheer cost of their vacations, running up a tab thru the end of 2015 of more than $71 million at the taxpayers’ expense.

The White House has not announced any plans for Martha’s Vineyard… But why would they? Here’s hoping we can just hurry up and get this era of Obama’s destruction over with. January 2017…can’t come any sooner. Darn.

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