Obama Finally Drops All Pretense At Being POTUS

There’s a reason I have been referring to Obama as NMP (Not My President) over the last few weeks: he no longer represents the People of the United State. He simply represents the interests of Obama and the Democrat Party. In my 43 years, I have never witnessed any president who is as outgoingly partisan as Barack Obama. Behind closed doors, sure, a president may get snippy. But, out it in public, they general attempt to stay above the fray, without the partisan rancor. Obama, though, he is spending all his time acting more like the head of the DNC than POTUS. He’s always had a rather combative tone, but, now he is ramping it up more like candidate Obama than President Obama

President Obama belittled congressional Republicans for taking vacations amid difficult deficit-reduction talks. He contrasted lawmakers with his young daughters. And he brushed off criticism of his Libya policy as a “fuss” that is all about politics.

Using the grand backdrop of an East Room news conference, Obama clearly had a mission Wednesday: to reassert a commanding presence on the economic and foreign policy issues that are defining his presidency – and could determine whether he wins reelection.

Of course, he is more worried about framing the debate than Doing Something. But, then, he is lost in a partisan fog of incompetence and cluelessness, so, all he has are words.

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He accused Republicans – no less than six times – of favoring corporate-jet owners over average folks in the party’s refusal to consider tax increases as part of a deficit deal.

Which is funny because, as Allahpundit points out, that tax break was implemented in Obama’s (outsourced) failed stimulus.

And, showing a combative side that Americans rarely see, he said that Republicans “need to do their job.”

Rarely see? It is mostly all we see. Well, along with golfing and stuffing his face full of food his wife says is evil.

“They’re in one week, they’re out one week,” the president said. “And then they’re saying, ‘Obama has got to step in.’

What Obama is whining about is the House’s schedule, where they spend two weeks in session, then another where they can go back and, God forbid, spend time with their constituents. And, hey, Chump? The people whining for you to step in are your own Party legislators and pundits.

“You need to be here,” he added sternly. “I’ve been here. I’ve been doing Afghanistan and bin Laden and the Greek crisis. You stay here. Let’s get it done.”

But, hey, it’s not like Obama has played golf for the last 13 straight weekends. Gone on 33 fundraisers already this year. Had lots of parties. Taken vacations. He’s been doing….interesting that he mentions Greece, though, isn’t it? Because that’s what his policies are turning America into.

The Politico refers to this as Obama framing the 2012 campaign

“It’s time for the president to stop lecturing and start doing his job,” responded Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring.

Another GOP aide was more blunt. “It’s counterproductive schoolyard crap. … [It’s] awfully childish for the ‘adult in the room,’” the aide told POLITICO.

It is high time that the GOP took the gloves off, and started treating NMP Obama as the pure partisan hack he is.

“On the debt issue, he did a good job of framing the issue and contrasting his willingness to accept painful cuts with the GOP’s intransigence on revenue – even from, as he said, millionaires and billionaires and oil companies,” said Democratic strategist Paul Begala, an adviser to a PAC founded by two former Obama aides.

In doing so, he made “the GOP look weak and uncaring,” Begala added.

Well, now, that is a fantastic method to obtain cooperation from the GOP, isn’t it? I’m sure the GOP will roll right over and agree to the drastic tax increases, excuse me, expenditures in the tax code. Interesting that Obama campaigned on his judgement. Which seems to be sorely lacking. Which is no surprise from a chump with no actual leadership experience, who substitutes partisan browbeating over management and leadership skills.

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