Obama Gets High Approval On Iraq, Lowest On Deficits


The troops aren’t home yet. President Obama continues with Bush’s plans. The country approves, according to Gallup:

Of the seven specific issue approval ratings measured in a Sept. 11-13 USA Today/Gallup poll, President Obama gets his highest rating (56%) on his handling of Iraq, and his lowest (38%) on the federal deficit. Obama’s approval ratings on handling the economy and healthcare, at 46% and 43%, respectively, are little changed over the past two months.

And a majority 57% disapprove of Health care. Hmmmm…. again.

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A couple thoughts:

1. Did the Press talk down the Iraq War and drive President Bush’s Iraq numbers down? You know, body counts, incessant nattering about torture, etc.?

2. Did the American people actually want the wars just didn’t like the prosecution, the methods?

3. Are President Obama’s numbers so bad elsewhere, people want to be nice about something?

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