Obama gives billions to Iran while new torture reports surface about American pastor in Iran

Obama gives billions to Iran while new torture reports surface about American pastor in Iran

Hey, Obama, I know it must be tough for you to take a break from ruining America and all that golf, but could you maybe wake up to this situation over here? Thanks:


The United States received nothing in return after agreeing to a deal that pleases the Ayatollahs in Iran.

The terrorist-sponsored nation will have 24-day warnings before inspections of its nuclear facilities (that they will inspect themselves), potentially $150 billion in economic sanctions freed up in order to fund terror outlets, and zero American hostages were released.

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Good deal.

We basically gave a kid a firecracker and told him to be careful.

Here’s what’s happening to an American pastor locked away within the theocratic nation…

From WJ:

Saeed Abedini, an American pastor who traveled to his home nation of Iran in 2012 on a humanitarian mission, was arrested shortly before his trip was set to conclude. Charged with the crime of spreading Christianity, Abedini was sentenced to serve eight years in prison and has since been transferred to a more dangerous prison.

Guards and fellow inmates have severely attacked and beaten Abedini on multiple occasions, according to a recent alert by the American Center for Law and Justice. Specifically, a recent interrogation – which could result in additional criminal charges against the prisoner – reportedly concluded with a brutal physical assault.

“During the course of interrogation,” the ACLJ report indicated, “the officers repeatedly used a Taser gun on Pastor Saeed. This new assault is concerning as Pastor Saeed is still being denied needed medical care for injuries sustained as a result of beatings in the past.”

Do the right thing, Obama. Wake up and save this American citizen. Maybe you can trade traitor Bergdahl for him.

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