Obama Insults Americans During Argentina Visit

Obama Insults Americans During Argentina Visit

Boy, Obama sure knows how to dig himself a grave… Of all the narcissistic humans in some sort of leadership before him, none come to mind that can even begin to compare to this guy…


From Weasel Zippers:

Via Free Beacon:

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President Obama said Wednesday it was “very frustrating sometimes for the president” and akin to “herding cats” to have separation of powers in the U.S. government.

Responding to a town hall question in Argentina about the 2016 election, Obama discussed the directions being taken by the Republican and Democratic Parties before expounding on the American political system.

“I also think that one of the great advantages of the United States system, even though it’s very frustrating sometimes for the president, is that power is distributed across a lot of different institutions,” Obama said. “It’s what we call separation of powers and decentralization.”

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