Obama Just Said He Hasn’t Contributed To Dividing The Country – Wait Until You Hear Who HE Blames!

It’s been seven years and change. How over this guy are you?

Barack Obama1

Barack Obama said Thursday that he has “not contributed to” dividing the country.

Blame for that, he said, lies at the feet of Republicans and Obama-critical media outlets.

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During a White House press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday, Obama said, “I’ve said at the State of the Union that one of my regrets is the degree to which polarization and the nasty tone of our politics has accelerated rather than waned over the course of the last 7 1/2 years.”

“I do all kinds of soul searching in terms of, are there things that I can do better to make sure that we are unifying the country. But I also have to say… that objectively it’s fair to say that the Republican political elites and many of the information outlets, social media and news stations, talk radio, television stations have been feeding the Republican base for the last seven years a notion that everything I do is to be opposed, that cooperation or compromise somehow is a betrayal, that maximalist, absolutist positions on issues are politically advantageous, that there is a ‘them’ out there and an ‘us’ and ‘them’ are the folks who are causing whatever the problems you’re experiencing and the tone of that politics, which I certainly have not contributed to,” Obama claimed.


For seven years he’s done everything he could to make bogeymen out of people who disagree with him. He’s overseen the rise of militant racists within the black community, so much so that people are going to Donald Trump’s rallies with an eye toward creating violent confrontations. His entire 2012 campaign was an orgy of Alinskyite divisiveness – young against old, rich against poor, citizen against immigrant, black against white, Christian against atheist, Jew against Muslim, men against women, gay against straight, conservative against liberal.

For seven years. And we despise each other as a country in ways we never have before. Obama takes no blame at all, and insists on shoveling every ounce of responsibility for seven years of divisiveness onto Fox News and the conservative movement.

It’s OK. Relax. On January 20 of next year this guy will be gone.

At that point we’ll have Obama as the loudmouthed ex-president who can’t get away from the microphones, and maybe Hillary Clinton as president to go with him.

Uhh, never mind. Hey, relax anyway. It’s Friday!

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