What Obama just said about Obamacare has everyone laughing

What Obama just said about Obamacare has everyone laughing

Bwa ha ha ha HA! You are freaking kidding right? Obama thinks that Obamacare will survive in some form. I don’t think so. I think it will be repealed and hopefully nothing will replace it but the free market. But if something does replace it, it won’t be anything resembling what is there now. Primarily because it will work and will not be a mandate. Obama is saying he doesn’t care if minor changes are made and the Republicans rebrand it Trumpcare. Why in the bloody hell would they want to do that? And if there were only minor changes coming, there would be no point in doing it all.

The fact is, Obamacare is dying as it was always meant to. They were just hoping it would be faster or that another Marxist like Hillary Clinton would be elected, so they could usher in single payer healthcare. Obama’s not fooling anyone here. He’s ticked that his legacy is being shredded and that his name is being taken off things. What an arrogant SOB. The pettiness just drips off this guy.


From The Hill:

President Obama said he thinks ObamaCare, his signature healthcare legislation, will survive.

“I think it will,” he said in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.” “It may be called something else. And as I said, I don’t mind.”

The president said he’d be fine if Republicans want to rename the legislation after some changes.

“If in fact the Republicans make some modifications,” Obama said.

“Some of which I may have been seeking previously, but they wouldn’t cooperate because they didn’t want to make the system work, and re-label it as Trumpcare, I’m fine with that.”

The president said he is thinking about the millions of people — some of whom did not support him — who are now covered under ObamaCare. He referenced personal letters he’s received from people about how important ObamaCare has been to them and their family.

It’s expected that Obamacare will be fully repealed by the end of February. It can’t come soon enough for most Americans as their premiums are set to skyrocket this month. No one can afford it… not employers, employees or Americans in general. On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan pledged that Republicans will complete legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act “this year,” but Obama said he is skeptical the GOP will come up with a better system than Obamacare. It would be hard not to, when coming up with nothing would be a vast improvement.

Obama laughingly claims that people write him to thank him for Obamacare. Yeah, just like Cubans wrote Castro. “It is true theoretically that all that progress can be undone, and suddenly 20 million people or more don’t have health insurance,” Obama said on “This Week.” “I think Republicans now are recognizing that’s — may not be what the American people, including even Trump voters, are looking for.” First off, that’s a big fat lie… the whole thing. People will still get insurance in a free market and everyone wants Obamacare gone. Obama is a delusional pathological liar.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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