Obama Looks To Roll Back Red Tape

Well, perhaps he is finally doing something that will help private citizens and the private job market

President Obama’s effort to roll back costly regulations that are not needed could save more than $10 billion over five years, but critics say that’s a drop in the bucket.

Pretty much. But, it’s a start, like dropping a skier into an avalanche zone

Obama announced the look-back on regulations in January. The result: more than 800 pages with more than 500 proposed changes. The savings: more than $4 billion in the bank or in process, with an additional $6 billion planned.

The changes “are going to make a real difference to the American people,” Sunstein said.

Let’s look at some of them as cited by the article

  • Allowing doctors to practice “tele-medicine” in rural areas.
  • Escalating Pentagon contract payments to up to 60,000 small businesses.
  • Changing export rules and visa practices at the State Department.

If those are the best that the USA Today can cite, well, I’m underwhelmed. Politico offers a few more

Among them: The Department of Health and Human Services will propose ending “unnecessary regulatory and reporting requirements now imposed on hospitals and other health care providers,” a measure that could save $4 billion over the next five years. The Labor Department is announcing rules to simplify and improve hazard warnings for workers, which will save an estimated $2.5 billion over the next five years.

The Transportation Department, meanwhile, is set to announce rules expected to save $340 million or more by cutting out unnecessary regulation of the railroad industry. And, by the end of this year, the Internal Revenue Service is set to cut 55 million hours in paperwork burdens by consolidating reporting requirements and streamlining tax forms, Sunstein says.

Well, it’s a start. Though, anyone have the feeling that the tax form reform will somehow lead to companies and people paying more in taxes?

Then there’s that train thing: perhaps helps in pushing high speed (fail) trains?

How about simply repealing Obamacare? That would help. And doing away with many of the absurd EPA regulations? Not all of them, we do want to protect the environment, after all.

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