Obama Made Move To Honor Police Officers – Then Used Platform To Do THIS…

Obama Made Move To Honor Police Officers – Then Used Platform To Do THIS…

In an attempt to prove that he’s not the cop-hating garbage that some people think he is, Obama organized an event to praise officers for doing their jobs.

But if you thought that he wouldn’t use that opportunity to push his own agenda, I have a bridge to sell you.


From Breitbart:

President Barack Obama has drawn criticism from police organizations for his support of anti-police protest organizations such as Black Lives Matter, but today he hosted a ceremony at the White House to honor police and law enforcement officials for their heroic efforts.

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Obama reminded the audience that many of the recipients faced particular danger from firearms while on their police beat.

“They stood up to dangerous individuals brandishing assault rifles, handguns, and knives,” he said, highlighting the dangers faced by police officers on duty.

“The men and women who run toward danger remind us with your courage and humility what the highest form of citizenship looks like,” he added.

Obama used the occasion to highlight his police task force to improve relations with Black Lives Matter protesters and police officers.

“We can show our respect by listening to you, learning from you, giving you the resources that you need to do the jobs,” he said. “That’s the mission of our police task force.”

He also used the occasion to call on Congress for more criminal justice reform.

Because being a decent human being is difficult, I suppose.

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