Obama PREDICTS Trump Won’t Be Able To Change His Policies – Trump Will Disagree

Obama PREDICTS Trump Won’t Be Able To Change His Policies – Trump Will Disagree

Obama is arrogantly claiming that Trump won’t be able to change his policies… wanna bet? He thinks that Trump will only be able to rectify 15 to 20 percent of what Obama has wrought. Of course, he leaves the possibility open that Trump could throw everything he’s done out the window. But he doesn’t believe that will happen. Delusional much? Obama may think he got more done in the first two years than any other president since Lyndon Johnson, but he hasn’t experienced a Trump presidency yet.

By the time Trump is done, I think there will be very little left if anything at all of Obama’s legacy. It’s true that government moves slowly and isn’t easy… but if you get a man at the helm that is determined and bold, things can and do move very quickly. I sure hope that is what happens with President Trump. This nation is literally screaming for it and he needs to prove himself in a big way and fast. Shredding Obama’s policies is the best way to do that.


From Western Journalism:

The administration elected to change America will not change as much as President-elect Donald Trump might think, President Barack Obama said in a new interview.

Obama, in an interview with The New Yorker, said he expects at most 15 to 20 percent of his policies will be undone in the looming Trump era.

“I think that the possibility of everything being out the window exists,” Obama cautioned.

He noted, however, that changing the course of government is rarely quick or easy.

“But, as a practical matter, what I’ve been saying to people, including my own staff, is that the federal government is an aircraft carrier, it’s not a speedboat,” the president said.

Obama was quick to praise his achievements, saying that in the first two years of his presidency, when Democrats controlled Congress, “we accomplished as much domestically as any president since Lyndon Johnson in those first two years.”

He said he had accomplished “70 or 75 percent” of what he had set out to do, and “maybe 15 percent of that gets rolled back, 20 percent, but there’s still a lot of stuff that sticks.”

Trump has vowed to fully repeal Obamacare, I hope he keeps that promise. I also hope he keeps his promise of undoing the Iran deal. We’ll see. Obama seems awfully confident that neither will go away and I hope he is bitterly disappointed.

If Republicans “tinker and modify but still maintain a commitment to provide health insurance for the people who received it, then a whole bunch of stuff hasn’t gone out the window,” Obama said. That’s true and it makes it even more imperative to gut the monstrosity of Obamacare thoroughly. Please do not replace it… let the free market dictate supply and demand as it should. Obama continues to spout lie after lie concerning the Iran deal. It is even more important to him than Obamacare, because he answers to the mullahs of Iran.

He also thinks Democrats didn’t lose because of his disastrous policies… that the GOP winning was a long term plan come to fruition. You’re kidding right? The GOP couldn’t ‘strategize’ its way out of a bathroom. This election resulted because Obama has done his damnedest to destroy the nation. People are sick of Progressive Marxism.

The arrogance of this asshat stuns me: “Some of this is really simple and it’s the thing that [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell figured out on day one of my presidency, which is people aren’t paying that close attention to how Washington works,” he said. “And if things aren’t working, if there’s gridlock, then the only guy that they actually know is supposed to be in charge and supposed to be helping them is the president. … And, if it feels broken, stuck and everybody is angry, then that hurts the president or the president’s party.”

Then Obama went on to blame it on demographics: “… we’ll keep on getting gridlock just because of population distribution in this country,” he said. “As long as California and Wyoming have the same number of senators, there’s going to be a problem.” Whatever the hell that means. Lay blame all you want, Trump is going to spank the hell out of DC come January 20th. It’s long overdue.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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