Obama is Pushing to Let Hawaii Secede From the Union

Obama is Pushing to Let Hawaii Secede From the Union

In 1950, a vast majority of native Hawaiians voted to join the United States of America, and less than ten years later, Hawaii was officially a state. Two Democrats from Hawaii have tried — and failed — to return Hawaii a kingdom ruled by native Hawaiians, but it has been defeated… so Obama wants to overrule Congress and set the stage for Hawaii’s secession from the union.


Obama, who grew up in Hawaii (amongst many other places), appears sympathetic to this plight and his Department of the Interior has issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to overrule the will of Congress.

What the notice proposes is enacting a “government-to-government relationship between the United State and the Native Hawaiian community,” allowing the government of Hawaii to run as a kingdom dominated by a racial hierarchy, with native Hawaiians being in charge.

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Obama’s crusade, however, is fraught with legal complications. Aside from the obvious fact that such decisions are not the domain of the president, but rather the legislative body, Obama’s actions would likely violate 15th Amendment protections as well as establish a precedent that states can secede in the pursuit of instituting a government centered on racial hierarchy- an obvious violation of innumerable tenets of our government and society.

What this does is essentially create a two-tier system based on race in Hawaii. It will afford separate taxes and law enforcement to one race and another set of policies will govern another race.

… Under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, Congress, not the president, has the authority to recognize tribes.

In fact, Obama’s head of Indian Affairs at the Interior Department, Assistant Secretary Kevin K. Washburn, testified before a House subcommittee that this administration did not “have the authority to recognize Native Hawaiians.” Washburn claimed that “we would need legislation to be able to proceed down that road.”

Still, despite having no Constitutional authority, the Obama administration is continuing to push the policy change that could have far-reaching effects. It is unclear if even the Congress has the authority to allow such policies; it is, however, certain that the executive branch possesses no such powers.

While it is far from certain that Hawaii will be granted the right to secede, what such policy shifts are aimed at is creating a wider divide between races and unapologetically implementing a racial hierarchy with native Hawaiians at the top.

It’s no surprise that Obama, with his history of divisiveness and race-baiting, would push to pit races against each other in a state for his own political gain. And it would set one heck of a dangerous precedent, a law passed without Congressional approval that allows race laws to flourish in the United States.

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