Obama: Questions About The Race Factor

Simple question: look at the difference between Obama’s approval rating with white Americans and black Americans and tell me whether you think that’s healthy for our country?

The President has a yawning gender and racial gap, with women approving his job performance 52 – 37 percent, compared to men’s 47 – 44 percent disapproval. He gets 89 percent job approval among blacks and 62 percent approval among Hispanics while white voters disapprove 49 – 41 percent. His support also wanes as you go up the age and income scale.

Obama’s approval rating with black Americans: 89%. Obama’s approval rating with white Americans: 41%. That’s not to say that the “white approval rating” is all right and the “black approval rating” is all wrong, but it’s one hell of a disparity, isn’t it?

If Barack Obama’s presidency ends up being judged a failure, what do black Americans say then?

We’re incessantly told that white Americans are racist, but given how high Obama’s approval numbers are amongst black Americans, doesn’t it seem likely that percentage wise, there are a whole lot more racist black Americans than white Americans?

Since Barack Obama is the first black President, are we going to have black Americans supporting him at that sort of clip, no matter what he does, because he’s the same skin color that they are?

What would the reaction be if white Americans made race their primary consideration for political support the way many black Americans appear to be doing today?

If white Americans had the same attitude about race as black Americans do, could Barack Obama have gotten elected in the first place? It doesn’t seem likely.

Looking at these numbers, if you’re conservative and thinking that ideas top skin color in appealing to most black Americans, do these numbers change your mind? Does the idea of Republicans embracing identity politics look any better to you?

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