Obama Regime Opens New Site for Turning In Dissidents

If Obamunism doesn’t terrify you yet, maybe this will do the trick:


Obama campaigned on the promise that he would “fundamentally transform” America to make it less like itself and more like the rest of the world. Most of the rest of the world is run by statist thugs who use fear to subjugate the population, so it should come as no surprise that his regime is encouraging us to rat out our neighbors for criticizing it — again.

As of yet this is still a soft tyranny. Until it becomes a hard one, we can at least laugh at the Mussolini wannabe in the White House, like they’re doing on Twitter. A few examples:

thorninaz thorninaz
Hey #attackwatch, I saw 6 ATM’s in an alley, killing a Job. It looked like a hate crime!

WendyGAv WendyGav
#attackwatch Gibson Guitars are 100% American made..have DOJ raid them..oops u did that already

iowahawkblog David Burge
Pssst #AttackWatch – your operation has been secretly infiltrated by 2 Tea Party collaborators. Find and destroy the saboteurs!

andilinks Andi Silver
People are calling our President the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, that’s not allowed is it? #Attackwatch @AttackWatch

JonahNRO Jonah Goldberg
Paging #attackwatch: unfair facts! RT @conncarroll: Morning Examiner: Obama loses big in NV and NY bit.ly/nZJARF

benshapiro benshapiro
#AttackWatch takes victimology to a new level. Stop whining. Govern, you useless, self-aggrandizing bully.

jimmiebjr Jimmie
Dear #AttackWatch. I noticed you used Media Matters and Think Progress as trusted sources. May I also recommend Dr. Seuss and peyote?

keder Kevin
.@attackwatch RT @guypbenson: @keder Don’t forget that CBO projected OCare would cost 800,000 jobs! #AttackWatch

ExJon Jon G.
#AttackWatch There’s a new Twitter account making President Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nutjob: @AttackWatch

secupp S.E. Cupp
Watch out, monthly jobless report. @AttackWatch is onto you. #attackwatch

diggrbiii R
Dear #attackwatch, there’s a rumor going around that Obama might be in over his head.

The laughter will really start when this cross between a farce and a nightmare is over, and moonbats have been driven out of the White House and back into their caves.

Compliments of Cons.Underground.

On tips from DM Grant, Wiggins, Karpet, B1bbet, Shawn, mega, Joek Loth, Bob Roberts, Anti socialist, The MaryHunter, Mary, Tony, and StanInTexas. Hat tips: Sad Hill News, Michelle Malkin. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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