Obama Signs Law To Nix These ‘Offensive Words’ From Legislation – Conservatives OUTRAGED

Obama Signs Law To Nix These ‘Offensive Words’ From Legislation – Conservatives OUTRAGED

BOO!! President Obama signed what might be considered the most insignificant bill to be made yet. He removed the words “oriental,” “negro” and other terms for minorities that are considered “offensive”, from federal law. Good gosh, here he goes again hiding behind the pretense of doing something good for our country when he has an ulterior motive, to destroy the progress we have made from racism.


From BizPac Review:

Part of the law reads as follows:

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Section 211(f)(1) of the Department of Energy Organization Act (42 U.S.C. 7141(f)(1)) is amended by striking “a Negro, Puerto Rican, American Indian, Eskimo, Oriental, or Aleut or is a Spanish-speaking individual of Spanish descent” and inserting “Asian American, Native Hawaiian, a Pacific Islander, African-American, Hispanic, Puerto Rican, Native American, or an Alaska Native”.

“Many Americans may not be aware that the word ‘Oriental’ is derogatory,” Meng said after Obama signed the law. “But it is an insulting term that needed to be removed from the books, and I am extremely pleased that my legislation to do that is now the law of the land.”

2016-05-21 07_25_04-Obama just signed bill removing words ‘negro’ and ‘oriental’ from federal law _

These are not offensive words! People don’t get offended at being called white do they? It’s just an adjective we use to describe a color of skin or nationality. Why get butthurt over nothing? It isn’t changing the words that matter as much as Obama trying to race-divide our country, it’s stupid and sets us back from how far we have come since slavery.

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