Why Is Obama Slamming Trump On DACA – Remember When HE Called It Temporary? [VIDEO]

Why Is Obama Slamming Trump On DACA – Remember When HE Called It Temporary? [VIDEO]

When President Trump announced he was rescinding DACA and handing the issue back to Congress to decide, where it constitutionally belongs, Obama threw a tantrum, calling Trump ‘cruel’ for doing so and issued a very angry statement. He fear-mongered and painted a picture of mass deportations that won’t happen. But we should have a little perspective here. When Barack Obama illegally implemented his mandate for DACA it was never intended to be permanent. It was always meant to be temporary. So, it is hard to understand why he is so quick to attack President Trump over this.

This also doesn’t take into account that Trump attached a six-month caveat to his decision to rescind DACA. He also admonished Congress to fix DACA and make it permanent. In fact, this morning, he stated that if Congress didn’t fix it, he would revisit the issue. I am very much against making DACA permanent. It is unconstitutional on the face of it and Congress would be passing a law to break a law if they sanction it. End DACA permanently and reinstate the rule of law here as it should be.

During a speech announcing the new Department of Homeland Security Policy in 2012, Obama explained that the protections for Dreamers were just “temporary relief.” His own words belie the outrage he is spouting at Trump and it is extremely hypocritical.

“In the next few months, eligible individuals who do not present a risk to national security or public safety will be able to request temporary relief from deportation proceedings and apply for work authorization,” Obama said. “Let’s be clear: this is not amnesty, this is not immunity, this is not a path to citizenship, this is not a permanent fix. This is a temporary stop-gap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, and patriotic young people,” he concluded. “It is the right thing to do.”

Dreamers were never promised that their status would be made permanent… this was not Amnesty in action. Of course, it is more than possible that Obama was just lying when he called the program ‘temporary’. He was already abusing his executive power massively by that point. Constitutionality had long since gone out the window. His original claim was this: “We did so based on the well-established legal principle of prosecutorial discretion, deployed by Democratic and Republican presidents alike, because our immigration enforcement agencies have limited resources, and it makes sense to focus those resources on those who come illegally to this country to do us harm.” I have a problem with that statement. Is it really prosecutorial discretion if prosecutors are being directed by the White House on how they should proceed? Not so much.

All that is at play here is Obama’s ego. He views DACA as part of his legacy and does not want it messed with. This has nothing to do with empathy for children. “This is not Amnesty. This is not immunity. This is not a path to citizenship. It’s not a permanent fix,” Obama said to take on conservative criticism of the step. “This is a temporary stopgap measure.” He said it and as such he should have no issue with it now being handled by Congress one way or the other. He’s still playing for political capital here. What this is about is the rule of law, which is not for Obama or Trump to decide. Instead of whining, Obama should be thanking President Trump.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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